About me

I am Abhinav Kanoria, a final year student of Computer Engineering at Delhi Technological University (DTU). I have been living in Gurgaon, Haryana for the past 10 years. This blog of mine is dedicated to discussion about books, reviewing books and recommending books. Soon, I will upgrade it to a blog about food and travel too. Here are some bookish facts about me:

  1. I love to read books (Duh!)
  2. I love when there are maps in books (Eg: Those beautiful and detailed maps in Throne of Glass series- they are simply pretty!)
  3. My favourite genres are mythological fiction and fantasy.
  4. I’m slowly shifting to reading more non fiction books and less fiction books.
  5. I always like to keep the books that I read with me. That means I just buy most of my books or keep them when somebody gifts them to me. I never borrow books from other readers or from libraries.
  6. I have not read the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling and I am not even going to read it.
  7. I am a big sucker for books with nice covers and beautiful illustrations. For example, if I have to read a classic, I will go for the edition that is appealing to the eyes and has beautiful illustrations even though it might be a bit pricey.
  8. I am irredeemably bad at predicting at what’s going to happen next in the books that I read.
  9. I love browsing books at bookstores and checking out the latest releases, preferring to going to places and shopping malls that have a bookstore in them.
  10. Most of the time, I try and carry a book with me wherever I go. YOU NEVER KNOW when you might have to wait in a queue. Books to the rescue!!