Reflections of Kansai Through the Lens (Part 2)

So here is part two of some of my most memorable moments in Kansai, Japan. If you haven’t checked out the first part yet, click the link below to see them now!

Reflections of Kansai Through the Lens (Part 1)


The imposing Kyoto tower at night. This steel tower is the tallest structure in Kyoto with its observation deck at 100 metres and spire at 131 metres. From the observation deck, you can have a 360 degree view of Kyoto and view any part of the city you like up close with binoculars provided there.
The five-storey pagoda at Toji temple, Kyoto during the annual spring nightly illumination. This pagoda is the tallest wooden tower in all of Japan, standing at a height of 54.8 metres.
A vast array of drinks (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic) at one of the Family Mart convenience stores. The options here seem to be endless!
The enchanting bamboo grove in Arashiyama district, Kyoto. The sunlight streaming through the bamboo stalks and the whispering sound the leaves make as wind blows through the grove is totally ethereal. Reach there super early in the morning to beat the crowds!!
Inner gate of the Todaiji temple, Nara.
View of the Osaka Bay area as seen from the top of Tempozan ferris wheel. The blue and red structure to the right is Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan, one of the largest in the world.
Conveyor belt Sushi in at a restaurant in downtown Kyoto! You can pick any Sushi at random or even order your own from the vast menu by tapping on the tablet fixed above the belt (not shown in this picture).  Add various condiments as per your liking, pour yourself hot water from the tap and add matcha green tea powder all you like, all comes complementary with the Sushi 😀
A small group of middle school boys on an educational trip to Heian shrine, Kyoto. Their uniform is so elegant!
The preserved Saga-Toriimoto street in the Arashiyama district of Kyoto. This district is full of gardens, temples, quaint little cafes and Kyoto style thatched-roof houses. Probably it was the most peaceful place to take a stroll during my entire trip, devoid of any tourists.
A canal in Amanohashidate, lined with pine trees on one side and housing blocks on the other.
An elderly couple in traditional Kimono who had come to pray at Kodaiji temple, Kyoto. They not only consented to let me take a picture of them, but also had small talk with me in a mix of English and (my broken) Japanese. I noticed that the elderly are quite active in Japan – from regularly visiting temples to playing video games in Pachinkos to running souvenir shops.
Statue of Amida buddha in the main hall (Kondo) of Chion-in temple, Kyoto. The prayer paraphernalia set on the table and the golden embellishments hanging from above make the main statue look spectacular.
The late-blooming variety of cherry blossom flowers (called Omura sakura) in the temple precincts of Ninnaji temple, Kyoto. So pretty!!!
Nightly illumination at Kiyomizudera temple, Kyoto. Kiyomizudera (清水寺; literally – pure water temple) is located in the wooded hills to the east of Kyoto, reachable from sannenzaka and Ninenzaka streets. It is one of the most revered temples in all of Japan.

Hope you enjoyed the pics! Stay tuned for the final part. Mata ne 😀








7 thoughts on “Reflections of Kansai Through the Lens (Part 2)

    1. Well, I did take all the images myself! Some of them are edited, yes- just tweaked the brightness and contrast
      Some are completely unedited. The rest seem to be edited but are not because I used some features and filters in-built into the camera itself.


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